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Bovevagh Sunday School

Our Sunday School continues to grow and flourish. So how do we inspire and teach our children at Bovevagh??

Our teaching material ‘Seeds Ministry Resources' continues to be a comprehensive resource which teaches directly from the Bible, taking the Word of God to the children and showing them how it applies to life today.

We come together as a group on the 1st Sunday of each month and guests are invited to share their faith and fellowship with the children such as CEF, Faith Mission and the Leprosy Mission. We also organise group activites covering a biblical topic or teaching about ‘our church’ with the aim to teach and encourage the children in a fun and interactive way through song, drama, crafts, DVD’s, games and quizzes.

During Sunday School a weekly collection is given by the children which goes towards supporting our invited visitors, the church and our missionary societies.

We continue to play an active role in our church with the children from each class leading the church service which happens every 3rd Sunday of the month.

The doors are always open not just to our children but also to parents and friends!

Sunday School


Cathy Clyde
Wendy Wilson
Irene Moore